2022 Recap
January 1, 2023

2022 proved to be another steady year for the volunteers of the Sellersville Fire Department. Our members responded to 346 incidents last year. The generic breakdown of those 346 calls is as follows:
1) Fire Incidents - 61
2) Rescue & EMS Incidents - 28
3) Hazardous Condition (No Fire) Incidents - 74
4) Service Call Incidents - 19
5) Good Intent Incidents - 51
6) Fire Alarms Unintentional/Malfunction Alarms - 73
7) Special Incident (Fire Police) - 40

The total number of personnel who responded to these incidents were 2,272, resulting in an average of 7 members per call. The 2022 total personnel hours for incidents, training, activities, and fundraisers was 5,874 hours.

The active firefighters and fire police officers participated in a total of 88 training classes. These include Department Tuesday night drills along with classes taken at Bucks County Fire Academy and other certified training institutions.

We look forward to 2023 and to continue to provide the best fire/rescue coverage for all the municipalities that we serve in our first due area as well as to our mutual aid partners!