Santa Coming to Sellersville!
December 17, 2022

Once again, our SFD volunteers have the distinct pleasure of escorting Santa Claus around Sellersville and the surrounding area. This year, we're hopeful that the addition of the Glympse app will help the community know where Santa is at all times.

Our night will be broken up into three routes. Route #1 will cover the north end of Sellersville, Route #2 will cover the south end of Sellersville, and Route #3 will cover our portions of West Rockhill and Hilltown Townships. Use the route cards for an approximate idea of where Santa is heading, and use the links below to see an up to date location.

Please keep in mind that all routes and times are subject to any emergency calls we may respond to. We all enjoy providing this service to the community, and we appreciate your support!

Route 1:!utility27
Route 2:!wagon27
Route 3:!tower27