Rescue Training
September 6, 2022

Over the past several weeks, members have participated in several rope rescue training evolutions as part of our weekly training program. The first night was held off site, at North Ridge Farms, where a rescue dummy was positioned in a hunting stand, and needed to be lowered from the location. Our volunteers used a series of rope and pulleys to secure the "hunter" and lower them safely to the ground. The second scenario involved gaining access to the second floor of a building where a victim had fallen down the stairs. A reconnaissance crew ascertained what would be needed, followed by a rescue crew to package and remove the patient. The bucket of Tower 27 was utilized to get the victim back to ground level. A second night of training at our station covered setting up a 3:1 z-rig and capturing the progress of a rescue crew carrying a stokes basket up a steep incline.

If you find this type of work interesting and you're looking to learn more, consider filling out a membership application on our website.