Underwater Search on Church Street
May 30, 2022

On the evening of Monday, May 30th, a disc golf player noticed a distinct pair of shoes in the water near Cressman Pond on Church Street in Sellersville Boro. Perkasie Boro Police investigated the area, and did not discover anyone near by. At 7:20 PM, police requested our assistance to check a spillway near the pond. The water was approximately 6 feet deep, and the bottom could not be seen. The crew from Tower 27 used long hooks to perform a primary search of the area while waiting for divers from Bucks County Special Operations to assemble on scene. Engine 27 provided additional manpower in the event they were needed. A diver did enter the water to conduct a secondary search and confirm there was nobody in the water. After confirmation, all crews were available from the scene.

If you are familiar with these shoes, or have any information to provide, please call the Perkasie Police at 215-257-6876