Annual Awards Banquet
April 30, 2022

Our annual awards banquet was held in our own Lenape Hall on Saturday, April 30th. It was the first time we were able to meet and celebrate as a department in over two years. Once again, our banquet committee did an excellent job organizing the event, and it should be safe to say that everyone had a good time!

Since we were not able to meet in 2021, we were now able to recognize and congratulate two years worth of award recipients. This includes our length of service awards, Blackwell service award, and citizens of the year. The Ladies Auxiliary also recognized service awards, and awarded the department with $80,000 in donations from their fund raising efforts. We have the best group of ladies in the area, and we're thankful every day for their dedication to our department!

While we were enjoying the festivities, our brothers from Southampton Fire Company covered our station for the evening, including wrapping up our equipment from the fire in West Rockhill Township. Many thanks go out to Station 2 and their crew!

Our service awards were as follows:
Matt Maginnis - 5 years
Jeffrey Stecz - 5 years
Tom Louden - 15 years
Greg Swierzewski - 15 years
Tim Kelly - 35 years
Thomas Froehlich - 40 years
Deven Knoll - 40 years
Joe McDonald - 40 years
Pete Messina - 40 years
Mike Wuerstle - 40 years
Allen Filburn - 45 years
Neil Fosbenner - 45 years
John Sell - 45 years
Jim Hull - 50 years
Larry Nase - 50 years
Kenneth Paul - 50 years
Donald Wilson - 50 years
Dave Wilson - 55 years
John Shelly - 60 years

Malvin H. Blackwell Service Award - Jeff McDonald
Citizen of the Year - Borelli Brothers Landscaping

Rachel Swierzewski - 5 years
Chris McQueen - 10 years
Ashley McElhare - 15 years
Carole Miller - 15 years
Polly Moore - 15 years
Bill Long - 20 years
Charles Thorpe - 20 years
Kevin Clark - 35 years
Joe Hufnagle, III - 40 years
Craig Overholt - 45 years
Paul Bissey - 50 years
Richard Mitman - 60 years
Robert Coll - 65 years

Ladies Auxiliary - Sherry Cesmegi - 20 years

Malvin H. Blackwell Service Award - Megan Wilhelm Pfaff
Citizen of the Year - Perkasie Fire Co. #1
Chief's Award - Tim Kelly (25 years in an officer position)