March Review
April 1, 2022

Our volunteers were dispatched 21 times in March 2022, for a total of 83 calls year to date. The breakdown of our March calls is listed below:
(1) Dwelling Fire
(1) Fuel Burner Malfunction, Fire contained
(3) Woods/Field/Brush Fires
(3) EMS Assist
(1) Gas Leak inside the Dwelling
(2) Vehicle Accident Standbys
(1) Cover Assignment
(3) Good Intent
(3) Fire Alarms
(2) Fire Police

In addition to the emergency responses, our firefighters and fire police participated in a total of 7 training sessions, including a Drive to Survive Seminar, RIT Training, Structural Burn Session, Professional Leadership Training, and Vehicle Rescue Training. Total training for the month exceeded 120 hours.

We also welcomed Probationary Firefighter Shaina Szczepanski to our ranks. We look forward to her starting fire school in the near future. If you're interested in joining, visit our recruitment page at