Trash Truck Fire in West Rockhill Twp.
July 26, 2019

At 09:51 hours, Station 27 was dispatched for a truck fire on Holiday House Road. Engine 27-1 responded with a limited crew and Engine 26 was added to the assignment. Upon Chief 27's arrival, the driver of the trash truck had already dumped the load on the street to prevent his truck from catching fire. Engine 27-1’s crew pulled two booster lines and used two hooks to extinguish the fire and pull the piles apart. Engine 27 arrived and supplied water to Engine 27-1, then sent their manpower to the scene to assist in pulling the piles apart. Engine 26 also sent their man power up to assist, as well.

After the main fire was extinguished, crews focused their attention on the loading area of the truck which had a small fire remaining. While cooling the loading area, the pool of water started bubbling, despite only being 107 degrees. Chief 27 contacted the Chief of the Bucks County Hazardous Incident Response Team to evaluate the situation. It was determined that the water was very caustic, possibly from pool chemicals or other materials in the original load of trash. Hazmat Chief 89 remained on scene until the arrival of a clean up company.

Units: Engine 27-1, Engine 27, Chief 27
Mutual Aid: Engine 26, BC HIRT 89